The Pre-school takes children from 2 years to school age.
The Pre-school has 2 Groups:

  • Caterpillars- Children from 2-3 years old all mornings except Wednesday.
  • Butterflies- Children Aged 3-4 years that are in the final year at the Pre school before going to school. All sessions are available to this age group.
  • The Pre-school does have a waiting list.

 We can accommodate up to 30 children on a Monday, Tuesday and Friday, 25 on a Thursday and 16 on a Wednesday.

Exceptions will be made for children wearing nappies in the Caterpillar group. Once they are in the Butterfly group we do require the children to be dry.

  • We offer children a minimum of two sessions per week to help children settle into a routine. In the event of being full we may initially only be able to offer one session.
  • If for any reason you need to withdraw your child 3 weeks written and paid term time notice is required if you withdraw without a 3 week notice then a payment for 3 weeks by personal payment will still be required.



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